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Everyone has their own different taste. Some might like chicken burgers or some wings. But have you ever heard of Korean fried chicken? Yes, to make you understand why this food is so famous and delicious, read this article.

What is Korean Fried Chicken?

Korean fried chicken is classically double fried with extra crispy wings and drums, which are then covered with a sticky, sweet and spicy sauce. It is like buffalo wings amplified by the power of Gochujang.

We have always liked the idea of making Korean fried chicken at home, but even as much as we cook, deep frying is never fun, so we never did. Chimac suggests using air frying, which is a genius idea, and they came up with this double frying technique, which produces a pretty crispy chicken that I think competes with the best of the best fried versions while being healthier.

Simple and delicious Korean fried chicken recipe

Would you care about an extremely crunchy chicken covered in a hugely addictive homemade Korean sweet chilli sauce? Do not bother yourself when Chimac is here. Chimac is a Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Houston that has a variety of options and talking about taste. No one can beat them.

This Korean fried chicken Houston is perfect for any occasion and I’m sure everyone will fall in love with it right away. 

Busy schedule of the week can make you a bit tiring, but consider Korean Fried Chicken as your super meal for this weekend and relax. This dish is available in different areas, but the most famous would be eating it from Chimac.

So if you are planning to get something for this weekend or want to hangout with your friends then try Chimac: Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Houston

Korean food is becoming more and more popular, with many Korean restaurants opening around the world. But being in Houston is better than anywhere else in the world!


Because when you are in Houston, you will find food overload. But what if you find the same taste of Korean Food here? You will find numerous restaurants around the street that serve delicious Korean food. But this food blog will help you navigate to find the perfect places to eat in Houston that is Chimac: Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Houston.

Wrapping Up

Korean culinary history is deeply rooted in the traditions, culture and creative arts of the people who enjoy the country. When you visit us, you can always expect us to strive for the best. Being, Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Houston, we challenge ourselves to create an innovative and modern menu and atmosphere, while supporting classic Korean cuisine and tastes. We highly take care of the hygiene and cleanliness. Every meal here at Chimac restaurant is prepared by a professional.

So if you’re still confused about its taste and place, visit us and enjoy your weekend.

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