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Chimac Menu : We are creating the best restaurants menu in houston

Chimac offers all the food items where classic American meets Asian fusion. chimac restaurant menu have all the delicious items to order.! order it now


Chimac journey for a home started in Chattanooga, Tennessee in our first restaurant Wings Town. It was here where we honed our Wings recipe and felt we were ready for a larger city with a more developed flavor profile. After we moved on from our Chattanooga project, Chimac developed a strategy to split our time in the kitchens of NYC and New Orleans in order to bring out the original NYC Chinatown/Koreatown flavor profile and dabble in N’awlins Cajun style cuisine.  Our KBBQ teachings were structured in Seattle, where Teriyaki plates rule the speedy menu streets of gorgeous evergreen Seattle. Order Now

Houston is the perfect area to showcase our mix of different flavor profiles from different cities as the city has married Southern BBQ, Cajun, Mexican, American, and Asian out of necessity to accommodate the vastly diverse cultures living in unity.We at Chimac (No -1 Korean – American Chicken Restaurant) thank you for joining us on this food journey and we will always strive to provide our beloved clients with that one precious meal of the day. Oh, and about the name.. We are working on our alcohol license so we’ll explain once it happens.

Thank you and as always stay blessed! Contact us Today !!

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