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Houston is a city that is very much alive with energy and full of diversity. Houston is recognized as the space and air conditioning capitals of the world. Two things that mostly surprises people there are the city’s variety and it’s tasty food. It is a city with a big appetite. You’ll find everything here, from seafood, and barbeque to international cuisine.

Whether you are a visitor or a Houstonian, you will find a variety of options to explore, including some of the tastiest cuisines that you might crave. Chimac offers a great range of cultural cuisines that involve Mexican, Chinese, Nigerian, Korean, and other ethnic dishes. 

Talking about good food and everything, let’s discuss Chimac, one of the greatest restaurants in Houston with good food and facilities. 

Why is Chimac Considered to be the Best?

It is one of the best chicken restaurants in Houston. It is famous for its fresh Korean fried chicken that is cooked only when people order. Chimac is one of Houston’s best-rated restaurants, with a 4.8 rating.  Isn’t it great? Well there are many more reasons why Chimac is the best.

It is the greatest restaurants in Houston for many reasons other than just the cuisine. The eatery is likewise concerned about the sanitation of its patrons. Everyone is always served freshly prepared meals. Their cuisine will satisfy anyone’s need for delicious meals.

Their menu includes a variety of foods such as Wings, Sub, Bowl, Burger, Sides, Burritos, Drinks, combo, Chicken tenders, Seafood, Salads and many more. 

Well this is not it they also provides Catering in which they have 2 types of packs. One is a WIP pack and the other one is a Gold pack. Each box offers a distinct assortment of foods in varying quantities.

Where Did We Start?

Chimac’s adventure for a home began in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with the opening of our first restaurant, Wings Town. It was here that we polished our Wings recipe and felt ready to go to a larger metropolis with a more developed taste profile. 

You can contact us via Email and Phone number. You can also get in touch via social media. Considering the present situation, as we all know, we are all surrounded by an epidemic like covid. And we’re cleaning and keeping ourselves hygiene as much as we can to stay safe throughout this epidemic.

Similarly, Chicken Restaurants in Houston are concentrating on the sanitization and sanitation of their food and environment. Chimac is also going to great lengths to keep dining rooms clean and secure. The restaurant prepares fresh cuisine based on the preferences of the customer. 

Chimac provides Dine-in, Drive-Through, and No Contact delivery to its clients while keeping everyone’s safety in mind. Currently the restaurant opens at 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. 11am–10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sundays it is closed. The opening hours for the restaurant might differ on weekends and holidays.

Visit Chimac Restaurant in Houston or visit Chimac online at

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